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Neena Zeve is a boutique specializing in unique fashions for women.  The products made by Neena Zeve consist of one-of-a-kind tailored sportswear, accessories, and special occasion fashions. One of the features that makes Neena Zeve's fashion stand out is the use of heritage techniques such as smocking and beading.  Neena Zeve’s customers are women who want to buy statement pieces which reflect the slow fashion trend where clothing shoppers buy garments that are "built to last" and have timeless appeal.  They are local Brooklyn customers as well as national and international clients.

Neena Zeve has been in business for about seven years and is based in Brooklyn, New York.  All products are made in the Brooklyn studio and use locally sourced materials from New York City whenever possible.  The primary materials used are silk, cotton, and wool.

The overall inspiration for Neena Zeve’s collections comes from three major sources. One is a color palette and fabric patterns that come from the Mediterranean region where the designer lived for several years.The blues, oranges, and greens are some of the dominant colors in the region.

The patterns in the fabrics are frequently reminiscent of designs found in buildings such as cupolas which dot the skylines of cities and in artifacts in the region.

A  second source of inspiration is a set of ‘old school’ embellishment techniques including beading, smocking and pleating. These embellishments produce exciting effects, create interest in the clothing and distinguish Neena Zeve’s garments from other designers.

 A third source of inspiration is the architectural fashions of Charles James, an American designer who had a profound influence on fashion in the early 20th century.  James was known for his structured garments and exquisite detail. Neena Zeve uses his garments, especially his 1920s cocoon coats and his attention to detail as the takeoff point for the company's own coats, jackets, and capes.