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Sustainability>>Built to Last>>Slow Fashion - Part II

This week’s blog focuses on the other questions posed by Kendra Pierre-Louis in her article “How to Buy Clothes that are Built to Last ” which appeared in The New York Times last month.  So here are some more questions to ask yourself as you shop this season. Remember last time I focused on Pierre-Louis’s top question:  Will I wear it again? This time, I will discuss questions related to the quality of the fabric.  Pierre-Louis highlights this topic by posing these questions:  Does it feel good to the touch? Can I see my hand through it? Does it pass the tug test? and is it a good blend? All of these questions relate to the idea of whether this garment is well...

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Sustainability>>Built to Last >>Slow Fashion

This blog is about how the fashion industry is grappling with the future of the industry where there is an emphasis on sustainability and creating less textile waste.  One of the major trends is away from fast fashion companies which offer garments that are not designed to last long and often fall apart in favor of companies which embrace slow fashion where consumers buy well made garments which are made to last and have a timeless appeal.  Neena Zeve Designs offers an array of capes, jackets, coats and accessories which exemplify slow fashion.

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