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Winter Accessories

Winter Accessories

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Neena Zeve Designs has had an exciting Summer !

Neena Zeve Designs Now Available in Sunny California

 Neena Zeve Designs is now available in Encore Nouveau, a vintage  clothing and jewelry store in Burbank, California. Encore Nouveau has been rated one of the top stores in Burbank.  Neena Zeve Designs is offering shawls and jackets which fit into the overall ambience of Encore Nouveau. 


Neena Zeve Designs Joins Sustainable Fashion Movement

Neena Zeve Designs has joined the Sustainable Fashion Movement in a unique way. We are partnering with Encore Nouveau in Burbank, California in this effort. Neena Zeve Designs is upcycling designer clothing from Encore Nouveau. Instead of discarding designer clothing, Neena Zeve has reimagined these garments using beading, smocking, pleating and other couture techniques.  The refashioned clothing is now being sold in Encore Nouveau under the label Reimagined by Neena Zeve.

Upcycling is an important part of the Sustainable Fashion Movement and Neena Zeve is proud to be participating in this Movement.  Along with using sustainable fabrics, upcycling enables designers to contribute their skills in a very special way. This article gives you insight into this very important trend.


Upcoming Events

Neena Zeve Designs will be exhibiting at the or Celebrate Wearable Arts Fashion Show and Vendor Exhibit in Gloucester, Massachusetts on September 27, 2015.  Neena Zeve will have a booth as well as participate in the Runway Show in conjunction with  Boston Fashion Week.

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